Start-Up End of Summer Playlist

Start-Up Summer Playlist I’ve been noticing lines from certain songs that seem strangely applicable to entrepreneurship. Call this list a kind of distillation of rock insights into the world of the start-up. Not too great of a leap when you … Continue reading

The Founder Has Left The Building…Part 3

As Top Gun is winding down, it seemed appropriate to finish off this three-part posting on my customer development efforts. My last posts discussed online surveys and 3rd party market research. Now onto arguably the most important aspect of customer … Continue reading

The Founder Has Left The Building…Part 2

3rd Party Market Research Now astute readers of my last post will be thinking: an online survey is fine but there still could have been bias on the part of respondents. Another drawback was the lack of a hands-on prototype demo. … Continue reading

On the Black Belt path

I spent three days last week outside of Cincinnati Ohio, at the home of Innovation Engineering – EurekaRanch. I was there getting Black Belt training, since this grasshopper is on the path to Innovation Enlightenment. OK, it’s not as exotic … Continue reading

Facing My Fears: Launching on Friday the 13th

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” I believe in living this motto from Ralph Waldo Emerson because pursuing our dreams often involves doing what we fear most. I’ve been working on for the better part of a year … Continue reading

The Founder Has Left The Building…Part 1

I’ve yet to post many specifics on what I’m actually doing to start my company and commercialize NeuroCheck. There are good reasons not to share too many details on what’s happening at this stage. Some topics would bore people to death. … Continue reading

Tonight: Revenue Streams

The topic for this week’s Top Gun sessions is Revenue Streams. It’s what many people refer to when they use the phrase “Business Model” – how are you going to make money in your business? I built on the work … Continue reading

What value ideas?

Last week I went to a conference with an emphasis on creativity.  There were exercises and methods to come up with new ideas.  I’ve always found that ideas were easy.  It’s putting them into practice that’s hard.  Thomas Edison famously … Continue reading

Top Gun @ Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute

Last week the two Top Gun Maine classes convened in Freeport for the three-day Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute. They joined over 150 other people to learn about systematic idea Creation, learning how to Communicate ideas and steps needed to Commercialize … Continue reading

Props to Mr. Descartes

As I delve into the suggested reading for Top Gun, I’ve been surprised by some striking similarities with my medical training. In particular, it appears that the venerable scientific method has at long last found its way into the realm of entrepreneurship. … Continue reading