Steve Blank presentation

On February 15, Silicon Valley celebrity Steve Blank addressed Top Gun Maine, and entrepreneurs in a total of 14 locations across Maine, in an historic 16-way multipoint videoconference. It was one of the highlight events of Maine Entrepreneurship Week. Steve … Continue reading

Corporate culture and the advantages of being small

I just read a very interesting essay in this month’s Atlantic Monthly about corporate culture.  The article points out the importance of culture within an organization and the difficulty of changing it once it is established.  Maybe this is old news … Continue reading

Customer # 1: The Man From ABBA

The call came in early one evening a few weeks ago. My wife, Laurie, picked up. She covered the phone and skeptically whispered something about “…a guy who used to play guitar with ABBA wants to talk about your electronic … Continue reading

In Praise of Ignorance

There is definitely a place for stupidity in entrepreneurship. If I had known what I was facing, I probably wouldn’t have started a company at all. Frankly, a lot of my successes in science came from not knowing all the … Continue reading

My Undiscovered Country

From the lips of a Danish prince to those of a Klingon ambassador, the “undiscovered country” is one of those remarkably adaptable Shakespearean phrases that never seems to go out of style. Evolving from its original reference to the afterlife, it now conjures … Continue reading

Recalculating Route

We all have the experience of driving somewhere with our GPS navigator and missing a turn and hearing the dreaded “recalculating route”. This is not the end of the world because your navigator will soon get you back on track … Continue reading

Here Comes Steve Blank

I just got back from testing a 14-way videoconference, a week in advance of the Big Event: Steve Blank speaking at Top Gun. He’s Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurship educator, and he will be beamed across Maine: Portland, Orono, Cherryfield, Presque … Continue reading

Financial Fitness for Life

It’s New Year’s resolution time. We look back at what we’ve eaten, what we’ve spent and what we’ve done—or not done—and something’s got to change! For most of us, our efforts will involve improving our behavior around our health and … Continue reading

Stalking the Wild Blue Ocean

A few weeks ago the finger pointing began when Maine lost the Kestrel Aviation manufacturing facility. This is a blow to Maine but not a deadly blow. We must understand that any large business “from away” is subject to being … Continue reading

Reality Check 101

One of the easiest things for an entrepreneur to do is to fall in love. You have this truly inspirational idea for a world-changing gadget or cool net biz and you’re hooked.  An emotional bubble forms around the idea effectively … Continue reading